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Uncertainty Principle






What's Up?

  Bonus Track single "Dangerous Man Blue Version" featuring Arthur Adams was released on May 3rd!

Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music & more...

The music video is on our YouTube Channel NOW!

 Lou & Dee were on Cathy Segal-Garcia's

"Noontime Hang"

Live Facebook/YouTube show on April 15th...

Click here to watch the archive now:

Catch our upcoming interview with Jim Masters - coming up on May 8th at 7pm ET/4pm PT

on YouTube:  JimMastersTV

Check out our LP - released in March 2024!

Spotify, Apple, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, QQ and 100+ other streaming sites around the world.

Watch more UP videos "LarsonVille" and "Sunday River Ride"



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Lou & Dee

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